Environment Comes First

ICE Hygiene takes seriously the impact that our everyday lives have on our environment.

Our core suppliers have the same values and equal interest in minimising our effects.

We continually make adjustments within our business to make operating our business in an environmentally friendly way.

In order to help our customers with a greener environment we will:

  Undertake to keep up to date with the current legislation

  Offer as first choice the most environmentally friendly products

  Have our core range of paper product manufactured from recycled materials

  Give feedback to our manufactures on all products effectiveness and capabilities

  Source new products that are produced by sustainable sources

  Look at any new manufacturer to see their environmental policy

  Look at reducing product doubling wherever is possible

  Encourage reuse or recycle what can be rather than dispose of where possible

We review and update if necessary our own Eco Policy at regular intervals.

Our Brands

We supply top quality products from high ranking manufactures.


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